This once in a lifetime event solidified Uber’s position as the biggest American technology company of its generation to go public. We created a global campaign that leveraged user-generated content from social media and recognized the partners: drivers, couriers, restaurateurs, and freighters that made this milestone possible.

The campaign was expressed through prominent out-of-home placements in major markets throughout the world on the morning of the IPO. The scope of the project required a unifying visual system that was flexible enough to tell the driver stories and share rider moments across all channels.

Drivers, couriers, restaurant owners and freighters from around the world were documented over the course of 24 hours. That content would lay the foundation for the work.


The buy included digital out-of-home throughout the World Trade Center, Times Square and Pennsylvania Plaza in New York City, at the Piccadilly Lights in London, along with various locations in downtown Paris, São Paulo, Los Angeles, Toronto and Cairo.

Campaign Identity
Art Direction

IPO Launch:
May 10th, 2019