Uber is giving 250,000 drivers the opportunity to earn a tuition-free degree from Arizona State University Online.

We created a series of docu-style films featuring three drivers who are taking advantage of the benefit. The seats in ASU’s Sun Devil Stadium became our metaphor for the number of drivers that qualify for free college.

Paul’s story

Darryn & Shannon’s story

Emily’s story

The free tuition benefit was announced to driver and rider audiences across Uber owned channels. We leveraged a combination of the full documentaries, cut-downs and pull quote GIFs.

All paid and social assets drove traffic to the Uber & ASU landing page to help drivers sign-up.

To stretch our production budget I took photos to build out a library for all paid, CRM and web comms.


Director: Phillip Montgomery
Editor: Gary Leon Bowyer
Colorist: Aubrey Woodiwiss
Production Partner: Tool

Art Direction

Fall 2019