The most rewarding loss in
Super Bowl history.

Uber needed to launch their rider loyalty program Uber Rewards, which was all about getting “rewards when you need them most.”

The last thing fans want to do is watch the winning side pass around that trophy. To make this worst-case scenario a little better, we created the Unhappy Hour—free rides home in the losing city for an hour after the game.

Who better to spread the good word than Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson who famously lost Super Bowl XLIX on a one yard interception. To his credit he won a ring the year before.

While Russell tweeted out the stunt to his millions of followers, we teased the activation on Uber’s social channels with our own cast of sad fans. This snackable series was designed to match cut from the moment of the heart breaking loss to the free ride home.

Consolation Prize

Cheering Mood

Anywhere But Here

Lose-Win Situation

Down and Out

The Great Escape

The press took it and ran with it during one of the noisiest times of the year collecting over 130 hits. We then brought in a few celebrities with ties to either Boston or LA to help amplify our message.


At the final whistle we dropped one last video on Russell Wilson’s feed encouraging fans in Los Angeles to get that free ride home.


Total PR value: 15.3M
Press Hits: 130+
Views: 60M+
Free Rides in LA: 32K
Sentiment: +50%/-10%

Russell Wilson Series:
Director: Ben Pluimer
Edit: Ryan Black, Mike Taylor
Production: MediaMonks

Sad Fan Series:
Director: Mike Murray
Edit: Patrick Dear
Colorist: Analisa Raccanello

Art Direction

Social/PR Campaign:
Super Bowl LIII (2019)