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Opportunity is all around us but it’s hard to see when our faces are glued to our screens. What if Uber encouraged it’s followers to get out and take it?

We created Instant Opportunities, using social media to inspire folks to stop scrolling and move toward experiences IRL. The idea was to drop free access to unique events in a different city each month using Instagram Stories and deep link to the Uber app via swipe up.

↓ The Instant Opportunities


Kayaks & Tacos on Lady Bird Lake during Austin City Limits


Passes to Voodoo Festival in New Orleans during Halloween weekend


Tickets to see the Hilma af Klint show at the Guggenheim Museum

On the water during Austin City Limits

We proved that if you give people the right motivation they will come. It turns out that free tacos and kayaks during Austin City Limits will do the trick. That involved taking over the Rowing Dock next to the fair grounds and giving away free access to kayaks, paddle boards and canoes so that folks could enjoy the music from the water.

176 attendees, 5 dogs
138 free rentals
200+ taco orders
+64% swipe ups
75% positive Q&A

Voodoo Festival in New Orleans for Halloween 

Voodoo Fest was the perfect opportunity to drop during Halloween weekend. We secured 50 3-day passes, which disappeared in the first two hours. Then we encouraged our followers to come out and enjoy our in-festival experience.

50 passes in under 2 hours
+8.86 pts. completion rate
+200% DMs

127% increase in Q&A
85% positive Q&A

Hilma af Klint at the Guggenheim

The Guggenheim was eager to partner with us to drive traffic to the Hilma af Klint show. Only 5% of private art collections in the U.S. have artwork from female artists. It's time to #rethinktheratio.

To broaden our reach we invited influencers from the local art scene to get the word out and start a conversation.

+400% engagements
1,660 poll participants
2.5M impressions

In advance of the activation we teased the story across social in fun interactive ways including this Twitter reveal hack.

We proved that opportunity comes to those who move. 

All content was shot and edited on location—like in a boat house, a sinking tent, and a room deep inside the Guggenheim.

Participants: 350+ (Total)
Engagements: 400%+ (NYC)
Completion Rate: +8.86 pts. (NO)
Swipe Ups: +64% (Austin)
Q&A: 75% Positive (Overall)

The stories had the highest completion rate of any social campaign that ran in 2018.

Concept/Event Pitch 
Art Direction

Social Series & Activations:
Fall 2018

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